Mikael Larsmark NV01-108@park.se
Tue, 19 Sep 2000 11:33:11 +0200


This contest was a real dissapointment for me. The contest started 
off very well with good rates on 15 and 20m but I did a very big 
misstake. I went from 15 to 20m to early and when I got back on 
15m It didnt open to NA as I thought it would. So didnt have much 
mults on 15m and not many qso's either. A 2nd misstake I did was 
that I didnt work much on 10m on Saturday (only 2 qsos) because I 
thought that the conds would be better on Sunday but they 
werent...........It was my first SAC SOAB and I think that the conds 
were much worse this year if I compare with my SOSB 15m last 
year...................The aurora was enourmus up here!!

I dont have the summary here but this was about it
1200 qsos

73 // Micke (SM3WMV // SM3W)
#6 of WWYC

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