[WWYC] Time for anouncements

Tobias Wellnitz t.wellnitz@gmx.de
Fri, 29 Sep 2000 14:54:48 +0200

Hi Young Contesters !

I want to remember everyone to start thinking about
his participation in the CQ-WordWide Contest SSB
this year.
There are only 4 weeks left !
I think *everyone* should try to get qrv !
There is always nearly everywhere a possiblity to
access a station with at least a 3el Beam and a
Windom or dipol.
I also don't want to hear the excuse that he is
not interessted in a contest !
Hey ! Each member of this club is a contest-loving
amateur !

Maybe we can collect all anouncements of the WWYCs
and put them on the homepage.


I gonna start now with the first announcement:

Because that I don't get any vacation this year I can't go with
the Bavarian Contest Club to Morocco, CN8WW


will take part as Multi/Single in the CQWW SSB from DK1NO's station.

The rig will be as usual plus some new stuff:

10m: 7el + 5el @ 35m
15m: 4el / 4el @ 25m
20m: 4el
40m: 2el + 3el vert. Array
80m: 2el vert. Array
160m: 2el vert. Array
10m-20m: XP503 3el/3band Beam

rx: 6 beverages
+ an additional phased beverage direction USA


I hope to read many announcments in the next days of you !

73 & happy Contesting

Toby, DH1TW ex VK9XY

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