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Hrvoje Horvat hrle@ipazin.net
Thu, 12 Sep 2002 15:18:43 +0200

Hey guys, anyone alive? :-)

Just to let everyone know WAE SSB is going on this weekend. I hope to =
see some of you there. I'll be Single Op. Low Power. I still dont know =
if i'll work full time as it'll probably be real pain with 100w on SSB. =
Anyone else trying somethin'?!
It was nice having good WWYC competition in WAE CW. YT7AW close to 700k =
pts, DH1TW 709k pts...wooooow! I was sure lucky to get 715k. There's log =
checking yet to come but in last years they didnt crash too much of the =
score. Maybe along with new rules also new log checking system?!=20

Yesterday we were on 9A1P location and we had some talks about WW SSB =
M/S operation. There will be some improvements, yipiyaye!=20
If the antenna for 15m will be repaired untill end of this month we will =
operate WW RTTY in M/S LP. It was nice to see WWYC Team in last year's =
CQ WW scores. Maybe there will be some SOAB's among WWYCers in this =
year's WW to create team or two??

Russian DX Contest:
Want to congratulate LY2TA aka LY7Z for his 1st place in M/S in Russian =
DX Contest 2002, as well as 9A5Y (op.9A5AGL) for winning SOAB LP CW =
only. Beside this 2 victories there was great 3rd place by OZ1AA in SOAB =
HP MIX.=20
Wondering where's club competition scores?!

Finnaly ARRL CW 2002 results are out. Not many WWYCers found within top =
10 (All Bands) on the DX side. LY7Z was there but I wonder how Andy and =
the guys ended in M/M category instead of M/2 which was their claimed =
category? In Single Bands categories nice S5 WWYCers scores.

New rules:
In last months there are several contests that gave out new rules. I =
guess this is in trend now. Everybody's changing rules. After WAE also =
YO DX Contest changed rules which turned to be quite fun. Next one =
changing rules is HA-DX Contest (held in winter time), now u'll be able =
to work everyone in MIX mode type of contest which is great for =
For those that didnt heard, tho I hardly believe there's such ones, CQWW =
is having new category: M/2.=20

New WWYC Homepage:
LZ5AZ is working hard to get new WWYC site done. The news on this site =
will be that members will be able to take part in uploading the =
informations. We'll try to create small online community made of WWYCers =
and of course if anyone outside WWYC is willing to help with =
informations as well. This way our site will be dynamic and good chance =
not to be "only on paper" :-)

Catch ya around!
Hrle - 9A6XX

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