[WWYC] Hi Lids!

Hrvoje Horvat hrle at ipazin.net
Sat Nov 6 11:53:03 EST 2004

This is a very good example for all others that join the Club!

Thanks a lot Gerard, was pleasure reading your mail and I'm sure you'll find
some space in some UK YC gang operations in future!

Thanks for the QSO in Ukraine DX Contest this weekend Gerard.
I was on air just a bit as 9A7P.

73 all, Hrle - 9A6XX

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> Hi Lids,
> thought this would be a good opportunity to introduce myself to you all.
> name is Gerry Lynch and I hold the callsign G0RTN (originially GI0RTN but
> moved to England four years ago, and they're really the same callsign if
> see what I mean).  This is my only callisign and I've held it since I was
> first licensed in 1992.  My first ever contest was using someone else's
> station in the Scandinavian SSB contest in 1991.  Makes me feel like a
> OM now!!!  I'm 27 years old so have a few more years in WWYC.
> While I very much enjoy contesting, I've only sporadically been on the
> since I was first licensed.  I couldn't afford anything except a very old
> FT200 when I was first licensed, and it wasn't up to contesting,
> on CW, and at the same time my club closed down, there were no others
> anywhere near where I lived and no-one seemed very interested in
> in GI then anyway.  In 1996, however, I got a second hand FT757GX and was
> active in all the main CW contests and a little bit on SSB as well, with
> just 100W and a vertical made out of a CB aerial.  Then in 2000 I moved to
> London and was living in shared houses with no possibility of putting up
> ants, and was QRT until September when I got back on the air again.  At
> moment I'm just dropping a wire out of my window at night when the
> neighbours can't see, and am mostly active on 40 metres about 2300-0100Z,
> but I hope to get on the roof of the flats soon to put up a dipole.  This
> is, of course, not allowed, but I live on the top (9th) floor anyway so I
> hope I can make the feeder and the antenns itself fairly unobtrusive.
> any luck I should be on the air for CQ WW CW but I'm not counting on it.
> if any nice multi-operator station in the South East of England (or maybe
> even further afield - ON or F are possibilities from here!!!) wants to
> me some operating time, I'd be delighted to help.  I'm a little out of
> contest practice but love CW and have been working on recovering my QRQ
> skills.
> At the weekend I operated as part of the M2W M/S team, my first reasonably
> serious effort at a contest since CQ WW CW in 1998.  We had very poor ants
> as our M/M plans fell through at the last minute - a triband minibeam, a
> G5RV and a longwire for 160 0 the conditions on 10 were great and we made
> about 1.3M points.  Not great I know,  but not bad as we made less than
> QSOs on horrible 40SSB and more QSOs on 80 than on 20.  Some lovely runs
> into W/VE on 10 metres and more PY and especially LU stations than I can
> even remember in a contest.
> This was also (I kid you not) my first experience of computer logging.
> is fantastic, so easy to use!  I was really worried about this before the
> contest but really shouldn't have been.
> Apart from all this I like practising my language skills - I speak fluent
> German and pretty good Turkish.  I can also get by in French,
> 73 es CU all on the bands...
> Gerry G0RTN/GI0RTN
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