[WWYC] WWYC Meeting Video

Peter Goodhall peter at m3php.com
Wed Nov 17 08:19:34 EST 2004


Intro looks great cant wait to download the next part!


Pete, M3PHP

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Hey people,

we are now in process of uploading DivX into web. You can check out
everything that's going on at website: http://wwyc.tmnet.eu.org !

For now there is 5 MB intro which will give you the idea of the video. Soon
there will be about 600 MB video which is full DivX of 1h and 10minutes

Uploading depends on 9A8MM and his machines on university, it should've been
uploaded yesterday but there were some crashes in their lab!

Happy Downloading!!

Hrle - 9A6XX

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