[WWYC] AOEC 160m contest - this weekend

Christian Irrasch chris at oe8ciq.com
Wed Nov 17 13:58:42 EST 2004


I will be active during the All Austria 160m contest this weekend and would
be very happy to work a lot of WWYC'ers.

73 de Chris, OE8CIQ


Here are the rules for the "All Austria 160m Contest"

DONATOR: This contest is held and processed by OEVSV

ELIGIBLE ENTRANTS: All licensed radio amateurs world-wide; SWL

PERIOD: Third full weekend each NOVEMBER, SAT 1600 UTC to SUN 0700 UTC;
        20. - 21. November 2004

SECTIONS: Single Operator (SO)
          Multi OP single TX (MOST)


FREQUENCIES: 1810-1950 kHz; participants should carefully observe there
             national regulations for 160m

EXCHANGE: RST + serial number + District-Code for OE-Stations;
          Other countries RST + serial number

SCORING: one point for each complete contest-QSO

MULTIPLIERS: each worked OE-District-Code counts 1 point
             each worked DXCC/WAE country counts 1 point

TOTAL SCORE: sum of valid QSOs multiplied by the sum of multipliers

CLOSING DATE: entries not later than 31st of December of the contest year

         Eisvogelgasse 4/1
         A-1060 VIENNA
FAX: +43-1-9992133
email: hf-contest at oevsv.at

AWARDS: trophies for the first station in each section
        certificates for country-winners

SWL-RULES: same as transmitting section

REMARKS: The RSGB 1.8 CW-Contest is held from 2100-0100 UTC

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