[WWYC] UBA 2nd Candlelight Test starts tomorrow

Marek SQ5BPM sq5bpm at poczta.onet.pl
Sat Nov 20 04:28:05 EST 2004

Hi all,

There's something unusual tomorrow - I already announced this 
listening-only contest some time ago. Check out the rules at: 
http://www.uba.be/actual/candlelight/candlelight_en.html and some 
additional info at: http://cnts.be/knights_qrss/ .

The only thing needed to participate is a spectrum analyser, for example 
Argo from http://www.weaksignals.com/ , a PC with a soundcard and a 
reasonably stable VFO in your TRX. Some antenna will be useful as well 
:) Points are calculated based on the distance, so stations from outside 
Eu have good chances to win the Challenge.

The first round starts tomorrow, 21st of November at 0800z and the 
following stations will be on the air until 1800z:

Band Station Locator Freq+- 10 Hz Mode          Power
80 m DL2WRJ  JO51tu  3588.000     QRSS3         100 mW
80 m DK1IS   JN59wk  3588.020/022 DFCW3 gap 1 s  50 mW
40 m ON5EX   JO10ux  7000.990     QRSS10        100 mW
40 m ON5SL   JO10tt  7000.970     QRSS10         50 mW
30 m OE5EEP  JN67tw 10140.078     QRSS10        100 mW
30 m DF5SF   JN48on 10140.058     QRSS3          50 mW

GL & 73! Marek SQ5BPM

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