[WWYC] CCF Cruise & Meeting

Patrik Willfor oh6gdx at gmail.com
Sun Nov 21 15:00:38 EST 2004

Hi everyone, 

I recently mailed OZ1AA and asked about the situation, he said only he
is on his way. I unbooked my trip to KP39, so now I will also join in
to the WWYC cabin. So so far it's Thomas, OZ1AA and me. Hopefully some
others will join in too,
how about some Swedes? SM3WMV? SM0WKA? 

Below is the info Timo has sent a while ago. 



Experience once-in-a-lifetime amateur radio camaraderie by joining  Finnish
contesters and DXers (CCF & OHDXF), now going maritime mobile aboard  Viking
Line m/s Gabriella enroute OH-OH0-SM-OH0-OH 21-Jan - 23-Jan 2005.

There´s only a limited number of cabins availabe. Please notice that we have
cabins from A to C-class, all with the same price.
People booking their cruise first will get the best cabins.

So don´t hesitate, but be fast and book your cruise!

Preliminary agenda, prices and on-line registeration form are now  available
in CCF´s web page. Please visit:

for detailed information.

73 & hpe to cu /MM

Pasi OH2IW/OH6UM, oh2iw at oh2u.com

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