[WWYC] SP0WWYC - pictures finally on-line!

Tomek SQ6TQM (ex SQ3TQM) sq3tqm at o2.pl
Tue Aug 23 16:53:30 EDT 2005

Hello Lids!

Finally i got through the pictures :-)

Aaaaaand the winneeeeeeer iiiiiiis:
1. 9A8MM with 388 of 676 pictures provided (whole 9A Team)
2. YT7RW with 330 of 538 pictures provided (whole YT Team)
3. me :-) with 147 of 245 pictures provided

(further places not listed) :-)

Totally i got so far 2057 pictures from the meeting wich gives far
over 3GB of data :-) and published 1256 of them :-)
... and still waiting for some more from at least 2 lids :)

Pictures may not me chronologically ordered as i got some on CD's,
some from 2 or 3 cameras with overlaping names... so i put them in 1
direcotry and renamed to sequential numers - the only way to get it
right at the moment, so please excuse me this failure :)

Ok Lids :) full gallery is availble right here:

    >>>  http://www.sq6tqm.info/component/option,com_zoom/Itemid,/catid,22/  <<<

You can add your comments to the pictures and rate them (blue stars at
the bottom - below smiles, marked as "Oceny").

Have fun Lids! Hope to have such party agn soon :-)
Vy 73!
Tomek SQ6TQM (ex SQ3TQM)

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