[WWYC] SP0WWYC - pictures finally on-line!

Peter Goodhall peter at m3php.com
Tue Aug 23 18:52:57 EDT 2005

Tomek SQ6TQM (ex SQ3TQM) wrote:

>Totally i got so far 2057 pictures from the meeting wich gives far
>over 3GB of data :-) and published 1256 of them :-)
>... and still waiting for some more from at least 2 lids :)
Tom, great work uploading all the pictures, there is so many to see its 
gunna take a few hours to look at them 8-)

Pleased everyone had a good time!

Peter Goodhall, M3PHP
Website: http://m3php.com
Email: peter at m3php.com

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