[WWYC] RDXC 07...

SM3WMV Mikael sm3wmv at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 14 07:03:52 EST 2007

Hello lads!

I'll be on as SJ2W working from SM2HWG. I will be operating SOAB HP MIX if 
everything is okay for that at the station.


Hope to work you lids!

Mike (SM3WMV / SM3W / SJ3A)

>From: "Hrvoje Horvat" <hrle at ipazin.net>
>To: "WWYC Lids" <wwyc at contesting.com>
>Subject: [WWYC] RDXC 07...
>Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 12:32:19 +0100
>Hey lidz,
>you ready to produce some millions this weekend?! One of the best contests
>is comming!
>Watch out for 9A7P WWYC lidz:
>HB0/9A8MM M/S HP (9A2SX, 9A3AXX, 9A6XX, 9A8MM)
>9A7P M/S LP (9A6NCM & Co)
>We know we're up to have a lot of fun in HB0 as we have young DL team just 
>mile away!
>Only liquid questions left to be solved and we're up on the way to HB0
>tomorrow morning!
>IC2KL (500W)
>Spiderbeam + Inv V 20,40,80m
>So, we should be much louder this year!
>Hope to hear a lot of you on the air!
>Hrle - 9A6XX
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