[WWYC] HB0/9A team back home..

Hrvoje Horvat hrle at ipazin.net
Tue Mar 20 06:30:59 EST 2007

Thanks to all for QSOs during a great sunny spring weekend in HB0, also 
thanks to many for SMSes of support.

We produced 2000 QSOs in about 29 hours of activity. 1000 QSOs made in 6-7 
hours before RDXC and 1000 QSOs in 22 hours in RDXC itself - it was hard 
battle in RDXC!

Amazing difference between pre-contest and contest but that's just the way 
it goes. Higher bands were only worth for USA QSOs while low bands acted 
pretty nice for all QSOs. It seems that the mountain on the east is simply 
too much :-)

Ending weekend with DL team WWYC party just a mile from us was a desert not 
to miss. DL team made really great party so now we can only look forward for 
DL WWYC Meeting this summer!

Still Murphy visited us: IC2KL amp died, 12m vertical fiber broken

and still I'm gonna miss heaven in alps... but no time to cry, where do we 
go next?!

Hrle - 9A6XX 

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