[WWYC] 10 years ago

Hrvoje Horvat hrle at ipazin.net
Thu Oct 15 09:08:22 PDT 2009

For many of us WWYC turned out to be one great life expirience.  
Meeting other guys and girls of the same age group, talking about the  
hobby we love, doing serious and less serious activities, drinking,  
acting crazy, growing up ...but also building a future for this hobby!

If I'd have to wish someone something really good, I'd wish him to see  
what I saw, to feel like I felt, to remember like I do - I'd wish that  
someone this group of people - WWYC.

I sure hope to get to another WWYC Meeting before I turn 30! :-)

Happy decade WWYC!

Hrle - 9A6XX

Quoting "Peter Goodhall, M3PHP" <peter at m3php.com>:

> What excellent news! its great to see 10 years later theres still plenty of
> young contesters still active. as Pat says be nice to get WWYC Mag out for
> this.
> I should also be active in JARTS using my new callsign 2E0SQL, giving out
> some points.
> 73
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> Peter Goodhall, 2E0SQL, M3PHP
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