[WWYC] Lidfest 2009 - proposed rules

Fabian Kurz mail at fkurz.net
Fri Oct 16 15:50:38 PDT 2009

Hi Lids!

following the giant success of the 2007 lidfest (It was even better
then CQWW CW 2007, which can easily be proven by the fact that CQWW CW
2007 results appeared approximately in March 2009 while Lidfest 2007
scores have yet to be published.), I proudly announce the proposed rules
for the Lidfest 2009.... wait.

 _     ___ ____  _____ _____ ____ _____   ____   ___   ___   ___  
| |   |_ _|  _ \|  ___| ____/ ___|_   _| |___ \ / _ \ / _ \ / _ \ 
| |    | || | | | |_  |  _| \___ \ | |     __) | | | | | | | (_) |
| |___ | || |_| |  _| | |___ ___) || |    / __/| |_| | |_| |\__, |
|_____|___|____/|_|   |_____|____/ |_|   |_____|\___/ \___/   /_/

Very good.

Here are the rules, slightly amended from 2007. Please discuss.


The Lidfest is an annual act of incredible lidness, organized by the
World Wide Young Contesters (WWYC). It was first held in 2007.

Date, Time
26th December, 20:04-21:17 UTC

80m CW (limited to 3540 - 3545 kHz!), 2m FM

- Single Operator
- Married Operator (please no cheating here!)

No power categories, but QRP stations are sanctioned with a 100 point penalty.

RST + 5 character code

This 5 character code is the exchange you received from the previous
stations, except for the first QSO where you have to make up something
yourself. Allowed characters: A-Z, 0-9. No profanity. Except it is

QSY rule
The CQing station has to QSY from the frequency by at least 1kHz after
a successful QSO. If you didn't consider your QSO to be successful,
don't QSY. If the other station also stays on the frequency, FIGHT.

QSO points
* A valid QSO on 80m with your own continent counts for 1 point, DX 3

*  A valid QSO on 2m FM leads to instant disqualification.

The contest is divided in 10 minute periods. Every station can be
worked once per period for credit.

QSOs via EME, Meteoscatter or Echolink do not count. EVE
(earth-venus-earth) is OK.

None. All results will be multiplied by the total number of
multipliers. Zero.

Final score
Sum of QSO points times multipliers, plus bonus:

- 2 points for each DX cluster spot (during the contest) indicating
  poor operating practice ("LID", "no ears", "deaf as a rock", ...);

- 4 points for a TVI or BCI complaint during the contest (written

- 17 points if all QSOs were made using whistled CW, with a spark gap
  transmitter or two pieces of unisolated wire;

- 50 points for the destruction of your PA's finals;

- 100 points if the contest was operated from an extraterrestrial
  location, including but not limited to the moon, Mars, Venus, the
  Sun, Saturn or Finland.

- 200 points if your callsign suffix is "LID".

Disqualifications, Semi-DQs, Private DQs, CYA, Ask my lawyer. ***NEW***

New set of rules have been installed to handle those among us who
don't enter the Lidfest with honest intentions. A system of penalties
and warnings was developed by leading lids and approved by the
anonymous Lidfest committee as follows:

1) An operator who is good friends with the organizing committee is
eligible to submit any log, and will be deemed legit unless someone
with good evidence claims otherwise. If this happens, the committee
will claim that the mail with evidence was eaten by a spam filter.

2) A pink card will be issued to those operators who mainly worked
male contesters. Any participant with more than 75% of male contacts
in the contest will receive the pink card because half the world
population is female. Pink carded OPs will be listed in the results
with a & in front of their callsigns.

3) A green card will be given to the highest scoring non-American

4) A blue card will be issued to the operator who operated the lidfest
with the highest blood alcohol content. This has to be confirmed by an
official document, like an autopsy report. A (+) will be listed after
the call in the official results.

5) A yellow card will be awarded to ALL LIVE IN A YELLOW SUBMARINE,

5.5) An INVISIBLE card will be given to those operators who were not
actually operating or present at the contest site. Abroad. Far away.

6) An orange card will be given to oranges.

6.5) Purple cards are not usually issued. Exceptions listed under rule

7) A red card will be issued to those who are too freaking good but
whose logs simply show no signs of cheating.

8) White cards are $2000/each. Details on request.

9) Private DQs are a private matter. Ask, get DQed.

10) DQs are eligible for records. Nobody's gonaa notice. Ever.

11) I could tell you about black cards, but I'd have to kill you

12) Cards of any other color (or colour, if you prefer) can be
purchased at reasonable prices. Contact your contest committee for

Use any logger, set up for "IARU HF World championship" and note your
initial 5-letter code and the claimed bonus points in the cabrillo
summary. The contest sponsor will calculate your final score. Send
logs to Fablid: mail at fkurz.net

Everyone is a winner. The winner with the highest number of points may
proudly call himself the "Lid of the Year".

Fabian Kurz, DJ1YFK * Munich, Germany * http://fkurz.net/
          Learn CW Online: http://lcwo.net/

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