FT1000-MP Extra Menu Items

Dave Norton dave@khn.foobar.co.uk
Wed, 24 Apr 1996 12:27:02 +0100

Hi .. Tnx for reading this

There are some extra menu items in the ft1000mp numbered 9-0 to
9-9. The 9-9 is the gen tx item, does anyone know if the others are
mentioned anywhere in Yaesu documentation or what they do. I can work
out the self test and some others.

There are som "hidden info" in the FT 1000MP menu-system!
>A. Press and hold LOCK+FAST, turning power ON
>B Press FAST+ENT keys simultaneously to go into manuf.-mode
>C Select 9-9 using MEM/VFO.


Dave G0UHI

Dave Norton  g0uhi@khn.foobar.co.uk