FT-1000 Parameter

Pesi Sorab 101642.2756@CompuServe.COM
22 Aug 96 09:36:54 EDT

All FT-1000 owners,

Can someone please help ? I recently aqquired the FT1000MP and great machine
shame about the manual ! I am having problems with setting the "USER" parameter
number 8-6.  I am keen on digital modes including SSTV and FAX.  I understand
that one can set one's own settings using this parameter and get the right
chracteristics for LSB, USB etc.  It took me a while to understand that you can
only have one mode set this way.  However, everytime I choose say SSTV and get
out of the setting mode into normal operations, I find that if I go back to
parameter 8-6. The setting has been switched off !

I have asked Yaesu on a number of occasions but the answer I get is " read the
manual " !

The next question I have is that under parameter 9-9 (Manufacturer's parameter)
I can set the FT1000 to transmit on General coverage as well(backup maritime
transciever  for me as I am a yachtsman) but what frequency coverage  do all the
other settings give ?

And finally, brave as the attempt is to write a Manual for this very
comprehensive machine, is there any other information I could read which would
give me a deeper insight into how the beast works ?

Thank you to all who have bothered to read this.

Pesi Sorab  G3NDO