KR4DL@aol.com KR4DL@aol.com
Mon, 6 May 1996 12:44:30 -0400

Well, the radio is growing on me.  I have a couple of questions, both of
which have come up before.  First, I also find the headphone output to my
Heil set is a bit weak.  I adjusted the output trim pots in the top cover,
which only helped a little bit.  They can't be turned far because of a little
tab which stops the trim screw.  Any way to increase the volume besides that?
 I assume it's not recommended to bend the tab out of the way for further
rotation of the trim pot?
Second, I found the proc kicks the output power up to the full 100 watts when
it's on.  Not something my AL-811H likes very much.  I found I could go into
the menu and set the output power to 50 watts (menu item 4-0) and that seems
to limit the output power even with the proc on.  Still a bit cumbersome.
 Any better way to handle this?
Thanks, and 73,   Steve   KR4DL