[Yaesu] Sidetone/button press tone

Brian Smithson brian@wsi.com
Fri, 01 Nov 1996 14:47:16 -0500

Hi all!

I've been using my 990 for a couple of years and love it. I recently bought
a NIR-12 audio DSP unit that seems to work pretty well. The problem, of 
course, is that _all_ audio from the radio goes through it, so when I'm
operating CW, depending on the NIR settings, I can't hear my own sidetone
because it is processed 'out'.

The NIR 12 has a 'bypass' jack on the rear that will turn off processing
if grounded, the idea being that keying a transmitter will let audio like
keying tones through. It looks like the only way to get a signal like
this from the 990 is via the data or packet port, but even if I figured out
the wiring, it still wouldn't pass the keypress tones.

I'd like to hear these tones. Does anyone know of:

1. an easy way to get the xmitter switching signal?
2. a mod that sends the tones directly to the radio's speaker even if an
external speaker is connected?



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