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Dj6rx@aol.com wrote:
>YAESU FT-1000MP Spurious cont'd   (S/N 5L030347 and S/N 5F010444)
>If you own a YAESU FT-1000MP, QSY to 1822KHz. Wait for the band to be >open, use all the power you got and call CQ.
>Then monitor your 1822 and also 1828.2...
>Surprise, you got two pileups! One where you really are and the other on
>the frequency of your spurious signal. There is some signal strength
>difference between  both signals. However the spurious is loud enough to
>even attract DX or cause QRM to others.
>When transmitting somewhere between 1818 and about 1830 you find strong
>spurious signals in the range 1827 to 1834.
>Even if you do not get two pileups you easily interfere with other QSOs
>on 160. The unwanted signal is often loud enough to wipe out weak DX.
>This morning, when I received complaints from other EUs I started >checking the rig. Indeed it is bad. Even worse, a second FT-1000MP from >a neighbor ham shows exactly the same problems! It very much looks like >an FT-1000MP design problem. Additional tests using two TS-930 verfied >that other brands are  clean.
>Perhaps meanwhile YAESU has found that spurious problem too and has come >up with a fix? Else I must try and sell the rig to some 'Only HF-Band >Ham' or  dump it in the Rhine river.
>73 , Klaus (DJ6RX@AOL.COM)

Mnnn ... Just ran the same exact tests you mentioned above on my two
MPs, side by side, at 100 watts out into 50 ohm dummy loads. The serial
numbers for those units are 5F010132 and 5F040018 ...

The ONLY signal heard on EITHER MP was the correct one, NO spurs or
anything else up or down the band. Also put the MP into DUAL rcve
to see if that might be part of the problem, still CLEAN here ...

The transmit signal into each dummy load was a solid S9 on either MP, 
and NOTHING else was found up or down from the 1822 or any other freq
tested ... NADA, NIL ... ZERO ...

So I don't think I would run down to the Rhine yet !  :-)

Did you notice the same problem at 100watts ?  Spurs from your PA ?

All seems FB on the two I just checked ... 

Hope this info helps you fine the prob(s) there. So far anyone who
has used these MPs seems very pleased ... Be glad other checks if I
can help you ...

73 Bill AA4NU   aa4nu@ix.netcom.com

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