[Yaesu] FT-1000D Intermod

Don Gaikins don_gaikins@partyline.net
Mon, 04 Nov 1996 18:14:33 -0600

Try turning off your noise blanker.  Bet it will go away!

At 09:37 AM 11/4/96 -0500, sellington wrote:
>My FT-1000D seems to hear  CW intermodulation products whenever
>a band is full of moderately strong signals.  Yet the measured third-order
>intercept is normal (and very high).  Also, inserting attenuation ahead
>of the receiver doesn't seem to help eliminate the intermod.  Another 
>receiver connected to the same antenna, cables, etc. is clean, so the
>problem is definitely within the FT-1000D itself.  The problem is not
>cause by any extremely strong local signals.  The FT-1000D is a later
>production unit, so it should already have the PIN diode modification.
>Has anyone else seen this kind of behavior?  I'm at a loss to even find
>an explanation of how a receiver can have such a high third-order intecept,
>and still generate intermod products in the presence of only moderately
>strong signals.
>Scott  K9MA
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Don Gaikins

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