[Yaesu] FT-1000D Questions

James M. james119@iu.net
Sat, 09 Nov 1996 14:53:56 -0800

Just bought Yaesu FT1000D (NOT the MP).  So far, am quite pleased, but I
am beginning to notice a few problems, and would like to know if anyone
else out there has seen these and has obtained fixes for them.  Are
there any service bulletins related to these that anyone knows of?  :

(1) Very audible blower noise.  Apparently a common complaint. Mine
makes a slight "groaning" noise as it comes on and turns off.  Most
people say "get used to it" or "use headphones" but I don't care for
either answer.

(2) Audio intermod/distortion when copying CW, if there are a large
number of strong CW signals in the passband (like a pile up).  Mostly
when on 250 or 500 hz settings.  Normally not noted when copying only
one signal.  Yes, the NB is OFF when this happens.

(3) Slight AGC overshoot, i.e. AGC attact time is a bit slow causing
some audible distortion right at the onset of a voice peak. (This could
also be the cause of (2) above).

(4) NB really doesn't seem to work that well.  Distorts voice signals
when adjusted high enough to blank line noise.  ( may not be adjusting
it right.)

I've checked the two Yaesu FAQ news groups and no hints there.  ANy help
out there?  Any other discussion regarding the FT-1000D?


Jim N4BE

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