[Yaesu] 990 'feedback' w/12 V supply

KR4DAGRIP@aol.com KR4DAGRIP@aol.com
Wed, 20 Nov 1996 12:14:27 -0500

In a message dated 96-11-18 20:31:15 EST, you write:

<< This is the one problem I have found with the FT-990.  It does seem to be
 vunerable to RF feedback thru external plug-in's, particularly, the external
 speaker.  I would, as I know others would, be curious about other
 and, hopefully, some solutions.

I disagree.....I use a Icom-PS30 to power my FT-990 and I do not experience
any problems. This is a switching type power supply (25 A).
I also have a NIR-12 and use a PK900 as a TNC and all my audio goes to the
from the FT-990's external speaker jack, then out of the NIR-12 to my
external SPK, TNC, oh yea and phone patch.

I miss the audio monitoring I had with the IC-751A though.

73 de KR4DA Bob

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