[Yaesu] Internal keyers

Donald Rasmussen drasmussen@eosintl.com
Wed, 23 Apr 1997 11:30:50 -0700

Hello all,

It always bugged me that my keyer had a weighting adjustment on it, and I
could never figure out why anyone would want to adjust it away from
"perfect". Now know that there's at least one good reason for it.

I have an older MFJ keyer, no cpu, and when I combine two memory banks, I
frequently encounter a delay when I'm crossing into the next bank.

Another bother with mixing the keyers is that my paddle wiring is backward
for the external keyer as compared to the keyer in my FT902 and IC751a. The
jack in the keyer is modular, of course, and soldered directly to the
circuit board.

Anyway, I've been finding myself making more errors than usual lately, when
switching among the internal/external keyers. 

Maybe it isn't <all> just me! 8-)

Don Rasmussen WB8YQJ/6
San Diego, Ca.

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