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Daniel Senie dts@senie.com
Thu, 3 Jul 1997 09:40:08 -0400 (EDT)

On 3 Jul 1997, Sam Stimson wrote:

>      I don't know if anyone from Yaesu subscribes to this reflector or not, 
>      but here goes a suggestion anyway.
>      It would really be nice if Yaesu would develop a page on their web 
>      site for Service inquires. You could browse in, enter your assigned 
>      service number and then view the progress being made to your radio. 
>      This would be a lot easier and cheaper than using the phone.
>      I am sure the service group has a database already, and all they would 
>      have to do would be to provide read access to it. It soure would make 
>      life easier for a lot of people, ie the customer. You guys remember, 
>      that person who contributes to your paycheck.

Funny, I thought it'd be nice if Yaesu spent ANY time or effort on their
web pages. They are pretty stale. Products are in the stores which the
pages don't list as being able to get brochures for. There's no
significant additional data there, about products... just the marketing
hype. Data sheets/spec sheets would be nice.

Lists of mods and such would be helpful. Email contact to tech support
would be helpful, etc.

Your idea for service status inquiries is also a good one. These things
would all enhance their business, and in the case of the repair database
it'd save them from answering the phone as much, resulting in cost


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