[Yaesu] Ramblings

Wayne Montague montaw@inforamp.net
Thu, 03 Jul 1997 18:56:48 -0400

Gang -

I don't know for sure but doubt if Yaesu Inc uses these groups for
product ideas. But I am sure that there are employees in CA and Japan
that DO.

One of the neatest products I've ever seen Yaesu do was the FT70G - the
manpack radio. With the interest in 'QRP' these days (10 WPEP out on SSB
*is* QRP!) and operating away from mains power, I'm surprised  that this
aspect is not pursued further. I never owned one (it was expensive at
the time and I was poor), I have always thought the idea was pretty

While there are many was one can do this oneself - Argonaut, the Index,
the 'new' SGC2020, the thought of having 'everything' in one portable
box has always appealed to me. 

Personally, I'd be an instant customer if 'someone' would do an
FT70-like radio. While the market is 'specialized', it surely would be
less expensive to make these days and like the FT70G, might have (ahem!)
a commercial application to defer the expense.


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