[Yaesu] COOLING ON FT-840

David Kreinberg kreinbd@ccgate.dl.nec.com
Mon, 7 Jul 1997 15:05:41 -0500

     Fellow FT-840 owners:
     I've owned my rig a little more than 1 year now. Operate
     mainly at QRP levels (5w or less). At these levels, the
     cooling fan hardly ever comes on. After about 20 minutes 
     of 20wpm CW, the fan may come on for about 30 seconds, or
     so. If I touch the back of the rig (near the heatsink), it
     is warm to the touch, but not burning hot.
     The trouble(?) seems to be just on 30m. When operating
     for only about 5 minutes, the fan needs to turn on. Again,
     the heatsink is warm, but not burning up.
     My question is, is this normal with other 840's out there,
     or is mine a problem? All other operation/modes work great.
     How often does your cooling fan need to turn on? Should I
     worry as long as my rig isn't burning up?
     Other details which may help:
     a. Antennas - R5 vertical tuned to 20-10 CW, inverted vee for
     40-30m to tuner gives 1.1:1 SWR reading.
     b. Power Supply - Astron RS20
     c. All pieces well grounded.
     Thank you for your ideas/opinions.
     73 de Dave NR3E/5 

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