[Yaesu] FT-8000R

J L HALL kd1nq@juno.com
Sun, 20 Jul 1997 07:08:07 EDT

>Anyone ever have a problem with low audio on the 2 meter side of the
>Yaesu FT-8000r ? Just barely adequate with the volume all the way up
>parked. Not enough while driving. Comes and goes. Doesn't seem to have
>pattern. When audio is low it also seems a bit distorted. This rig only 
>had 3 weeks left on it's warranty so it went back to Yaesu. Still
>to get it back but it's only been gone 2 weeks. Because of the 
>intermittent nature of the problem I'm not very hopeful for a cure but 
>with only 3 weeks left on the warranty what choice did I have ?

Update on my low audio problem with the FT-8000r. Round trip for factory
service - three weeks. Not bad when you add the cross country Mass. to
Calif. journey. Total cost $8.00 for my choice to use faster air
They replaced VHF main unit, improved circuit, complete test and
to factory specifications.

Jeff Hall    E-mail:KD1NQ@JUNO.COM  Packet:KD1NQ@K1UGM.#EMA.MA.USA

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