[Yaesu] FT-1000MP and DVS-2

morel grunberg morel@shani.net
Wed, 23 Jul 1997 12:01:15 +0300

That's true: it's a design problem cured by Yaesu as follows:

1. On the transceiver AF unit: change the R-3161 chip resistor
   from 1K to 4.7K ( for the "D" ); for the "MP" you have to find
   the similar resistor.

2. On the DVS-2 unit : 

   * on the top side of the board make an etch cut between C-1003
     and Molex connector J-1001 ( it's a very tight space ).
   * connect a 5.6K resistor from C-1003 nearest end to J-1001
     pin 6.
   * on the bottom side of the board, make an etch cut on the 
     trace placed at abt 1'' from the upper/rigt side of the J-1001
     solded pins.
   * add a 5.6K resistor across the etch cut you just made.
   * add a 5.6K resistor from the J-1001/Pin 5 to the nearest 
     ground trace. 
   * add a 5.6K resistor from J-1001/Pin 6 to the nearest ground

If you have a fax, I can send you the drawing. I'm looking
myself for the DVS-2 schematic diagram and wiring.

73 de Morel, 4X1AD

Tyler Stewart wrote:
> Bob Thacker wrote:
> >
> > Just got my second DVS-2. Both units seem to overdrive the MP, almost
> > like the ALC doesnt work. It crackles and distorts on voice peaks. The
> > MD100A8X does no such thing, nor does the stock mike. Anyone have
> > similar experiences? A call to Yaesu technical department mentioned that
> > there could be a problem in the interface inside the MP.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Bob
> > K3GT

> That is an engineering defect.  As far as I've heard, they all do
> that.   There is a mod available from Yaesu that should improve things,
> but I dont think it's a complete cure.  Instead of curing the problem in
> the MP, they decided to modify the DVS2.  It's addressed in Application
> Note AN-94907 from Yaesu.  I never did the mod, so I dont know if it
> really cures it or not as I decided to sell it to a 990 user instead.
> 73, Tyler K3MM

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