[Yaesu] FT-1000D QSK

Walt Kornienko k2wk@crystal.palace.net
Fri, 25 Jul 1997 08:36:07 -0400 (EDT)

Hi George,

Better yet, take the 9V and key a Power MOSFET with a 40-50V,
several amp rating and you can key all sorts of stuff.  I use 
this method to key a 40V speed up circuit ("hot-shot") for a
vacuum relay, as per Rich Measure's article on homebrew QSK 
switching (QST, "The Nearly Perfect Amplifier").  

I use the existing TX gnd RCA phono jack on the back. It has 
the same function as before but can handle a much heavier load. 
Remember to disable the internal relay by setting switch S1002 
to off.  If you ever need to use the internal relay just turn 
it back on again.  It will simply be in parralell with the 
MOSFET and won't damage anything.

			73 de Walt - K2WK

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