[Yaesu] QSK connections for FT-1000D & MP

Morel Grunberg morel.grunberg@telrad.co.il
Sun, 27 Jul 1997 08:55:33 +0300

This is the answer I've got from Commander Technologies and is
OK with both "D" and "MP" versions. I tried here and is working
flawlessly. If I good remember, same connections with Alpha 87A,
86 and 91B.

73 de Morel, 4X1AD

>>>The best way to connect to your FT-1000 for QSK, is to use the 
>>>band data jack on on the rear panel. This Radio has a nice function
>>>as when the plug is installed in the jack, the radio will not xmit
>>>unless pin 8 is grounded. The last event on the Commander amp. with
>>>QSK is that the Key Out line grounds on xmit. You must connect the
>>>Key Out line to pin 8 of the band data jack. This will prevent any
>>>possiable Hot Switching. The Key In line connects to the SS relay
>>>driver on this same connector. Leave the relay switch on the FT-1000
>>>off as the Key In line requires only the sinking of +12 vdc @ 55ma.
>>>and is well within the the rating for the FT-1000. Only one additional
>>>connection remains. For the FT-1000 to xmit when the amp. is in stand-by
>>>a jumper must be installed on the Stand-by/Operate switch on the amp.

This is only for Commander owners:

>>>This jumper is a green wire and is stored with a wire tie behind the 
>>>front panel next to the Stand-by/Operate switch. Cut the wire tie and
>>>place this jumper on the unused terminal on the top of the Stand-by/
>>>Operate switch on the side with the purple wires. This jumper is only
>>>used for the Yaesu, and we do not install it unless we know that the
>>>customer has this radio. To operate the radio "barefoot" with this
>>>jumper installed, the Stand-by/Operate switch on the amp. must be
>>>in the Stand-by position, even if the amp. is off.

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