[Yaesu] FS: YaesuFT-900/AT (CAT) Price reduced.

Ken Kinyon W7TS@ibm.net
Thu, 9 Apr 1998 11:31:32 -0600

I apologize for posting this again so soon.  However, I was not aware that this radio was recently  discontinued and  had been
available at reduced prices. Therefor, I have lowered my asking price to $850 plus shipping.

I have for sale a very nice FT-900/AT.  I purchased the radio in 12/95 shortly before the FT-900/CAT became available.  I have since
updated it by adding the YF-115S Collins SSB filter.  I originally bought the radio to use mobile.  However, I never installed it in
the vehicle.  The only use it has seen in the two plus years that I have had it is for about two weeks on two different occasions at
my home station while my primary transceiver was being repaired. I have been able to find only two small pinpoint scratches on the
rear of the left side.  Other than that and some dust it is near to new condition.
Included are:

	FT-900/AT with standard Mic.
	YF-110C 500Hz CW Filter.
	YF-115S Collins SSB Filter.
	YSK-900 Remote Kit
	FIF-232 RS-232 interface.
	MMB-20 Mobile Mount.


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