[Yaesu] Results of MP testing spurious, etc.

tgstewart@pepco.com tgstewart@pepco.com
Wed, 15 Jul 1998 14:35:07 -0400

I finally got around to testing the output of my MP's with a spectrum

In CW mode, I was seeing spurious peaks at about 65 kc on either side down
about 50 db with grass about 60 down or better.  Harmonics were well
down...below the noise level on my insturment.

Regarding transverter use, the spurs read the same relative level, however
the 2nd harmonic is only about 25 db downa and third maybe 40 db down.
This shouldnt be a problem because the transverter will strip off these
harmonics if it's a halfway decent design.

Both MP's read about the same thing on all measurements.

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