[Yaesu] FT-107M

John P Skubick k8js@juno.com
Sun, 1 Nov 1998 23:16:43 -0500

Well, **I** liked it a lot.
I had it for several years.
Yeasu sold many of them at one time.
The FT-107M has a rather good noise blanker.  OK, a **VERY** good noise
It tunes all of the HF Ham bands, including the WARC both transmit and
receive. (Later models had WARC.)
100 watts RF output.  On CW, the keying characteristics "sounded"
excellant to the other station's operator.
Nice digital readout, soft yellow characters with black background,
It does require the optional built-in power supply module to function
from the A.C. lines,
otherwise you can power it with a 20-amp 13.5 VDC external power supply.
I don't know if that external power supply is heavier duty or not. I
never had any problems with the built-in unit.
I had the DMS unit, but rarely used it.  Basically it stored individual
frequencies into several channels for fast recall.
$300 seems a fair enough price if also includes the built-in power
Of course, be sure to turn it on, tune around with an antenna, check the
power output, the display, etc.

If you are looking for a very nice preowned Yaesu rig of that same
vintage, consider also the FT-1000.
The FT-1000 was the THE de-facto premium rig for it's day.  Really
something to drool about.
It has all of the features of the FT-107M, plus MORE, including a
built-in power supply.
Of course the price will be higher for such a very nice rig, but I can't
recall what it is worth today.

73. --John, K8JS

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>Hi, everyone,
>I'd appreciate any information and opinions on the old FT-107M 
>Assume I know absolutely nothing about it (which is almost true.)
>Caitlyn M. Martin       cait.martin@ibm.net       
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><P>Hi, everyone,</P>
><P>I'd appreciate any information and opinions on the old FT-107M=20
><P>Assume I know absolutely nothing about it (which is almost 
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>computers... and may have other<BR>weapons of mass destruction&quot; - 
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