[Yaesu] DVS-2 for FT1000

Robin Thompson robin@g3tkf.demon.co.uk
Mon, 2 Nov 1998 09:39:20 +0000

Hi chaps!
I recently borrowed a DVS 2 digital memory recorder to try on my FT1000
(early version) - I thought it may be a useful "extra" facility to have
- partially for contest use and also for replaying others peoples
transmitted audio so they could hear what they sounded like. My friend
whos unite it was said he could not achieve the latter - that is it
would NOT replay received audio other than through the monitor and as
soon as one went to TX (either with mic ptt or fotswitch )the audio o/p
from the unit was killed.    On my rig it doesnt work that way I CAN
retransmit rxd audio no problem as I would have hoped.   On my friends
FT1000D and FT990 this is NOT possible. HAS there been a subtle change
in wireing over the FT1000 production line ?? Anyone know  .... and if
so,what were the changes !?
The unit also needs to be reset each time the FT1000 is switched off -
AND it loses the prerecord memory each time ! IS THIS a feature that one
expects as well ??
Any comments received with interest.

Robin Thompson
City of Bath

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