[Yaesu] unsolicited ads on Yaesu reflector

John Hirth w2ki@amsat.org
Sat, 07 Nov 1998 11:57:46 -0500

Yes, the unsolicited marketing pitches and porn site ads are annoying, 
just as "junk mail" in your postal mailbox is annoying.  Some Email 
reflector servers, however, head off this "spam" by not accepting posts 
to their list from anyone who is not a subscriber.  That, of course, 
doesn't protect us from junk sent by subscribers, but would be a good 
start.  Is there any way to have that implemented on this list server?

>From my own perspective, I use my browser's "mail filter" capability
to prevent me from seeing another post coming from an address that
has sent me junk mail.  Any subsequent messages from them automatically 
and immediately go into the trash, without ever coming near my screen.
After a while I'm sure my filters will get out of hand, but meanwhile, 
it works.

John W2KI

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