[Yaesu] Another DSP-59Y Question.

Bill Brannick WmLB@prefer.net
Thu, 25 Feb 1999 17:20:19 -0800

>Bill, what I did was to buy a "Y" connector place it at the amp where
>PTT signal goes in. I the ran the new leg of the "Y" to the "PTT" in
on the
>DPS59Y.   That way I was able to use a known working signal for two
>purposes. One to drive the AMP relay and One to drive the DSP PTT.
>for me.

Why did'nt I think of that.. much easier then wiring one of those lil'
DIN connectors.
I must have a tendency to make easy issues difficult.. Ha!

Sure glad there is a lot of really smart folks on this group to keep
me out of trouble..

Thanks Grover..

And thanks to all who commented so quickly... now I can see what DSP
is all about!

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