[Yaesu] [DXR] FT100 & other mic's warning

John Lane lane@glerl.noaa.gov
Mon, 17 May 1999 16:53:41 +0100

Another issue is the lack of headphone jack and the floppy pig tail antenna
connectors.  I don't particularly care for the active mic's in the ICOM gear
but it's better than what's described here.  Guess I'll keep my 706MKII
which is a fine piece of equipment.  W8KX

>This year at Dayton, after what I thought was some careful comparison
>shopping, I purchased a Yaesu FT100 Commander for use as a small portable
>DXpedition rig. I then went over to the HEIL booth to pick up an adapter
>for my HEIL proset boom mike headset. I was informed by Mr. Heil himself,
>that the FT100 will not work with Heil microphones! Including the
>proset....  It has to do with the unusual design of the Yaesu hand mike
>which actually uses some sort of a digital multiplexed electrical
>conversion right inside the microphone which is demultiplexed in the
>radio!! Yes, an unconventional microphone circuit! I spent a couple of
>hours running between the Yaesu booth, Heil booth and the HRO people
>trying to get some straight answers. Finally got the straight scoop from
>a "knowledgeable" Yaesu representative. Yes, he acknowledged the problem.
>He said that either Yaesu, or Heil, or whoever, will have to design a
>conversion box to add to the FT100 so you can use any other "normal"
>microphone on this radio (not just Heil).  Currently, ONLY the hand mike
>provided with this radio will work with this radio. Period. Pretty sucky
>for a company that so strongly promotes DXpedition and Contest activity!
>HRO was quite nice to give me a refund on my FT100. (Thank you Robert and
>I then purchased the "proven" IC706MKII.
>I just wanted to warn anyone out there looking to buy one of these radios
>for DXpedition/Contest use. It is a real shame since the specs and early
>reviews on this radio have been decent.
>A real head shaker, huh?
>Please direct technical questions to YAESU. (NOT ME!!!)
>Don't let them tell you it is not so... It took me 2 hours to find the
>straight scoop. Even Mister Yaesu Chip, K7JA didn't know about it. But,
>Rico does. And, Bob Heil does as well.
>And.... remember!
>DX IS!!!!!!!!
>Bob Schenck, N2OO
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