[Yaesu] Selling my MP

Ed Jensen k5ed@dzn.com
Thu, 28 Oct 1999 11:47:23 -0600

Hi Guys,

I seem to be at a low point in my ham radio interest cycle (I've gone up and
down in the 42 years I've been licensed).  I've only turned on my MP a few
times this year (just to make a few PSK and RS13 Qs).  I can't justify
keeping it for such infrequent use.  Last intensive use of it was when I
operated the 98 CQ WW RTTY (got the 1st place USA plaque for that one in the
MS LP class).  Anyway, I'm going to post it on the web and I thought I would
post it here first.

I bought the rig new at last year's Dayton from AES.  It has the built in
switching PS.  I bought 4 optional filters for it (it comes standard with 5
filters: 8MHz 500 Hz, 8MHz 2.4kHz, 455k 2.4kHz, 455k 6kHz in the main and a
2.4k in the sub rcvr).

I have the hand mike, manual, carton and video that also came with it.  I
also have PSK, CAT, and remote antenna switch cables and a home brew FH1 cw
memory switch box.

The current AES prices on their web site are:

FT1000MP           $2799.95
250 HZ 2nd if        144.95
500 Hz 2nd if        159.95
2k  Hz 2nd if        144.95
500 Hz sub rcvr      159.95

total:             $3409.75

I'll sell it all for $2675 + shipping.

You can call me at 915-595-6739 if you're interested.

73, Ed

Ed Jensen, K5ED, El Paso, TX, k5ed@dzn.com

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