[Yaesu] seeking opinions on 1000MP

Scott Ginsburg k1oa@mediaone.net
Sun, 02 Apr 2000 09:38:19 -0400

I've been happily using an FT-990 for the past 8 years and am
considering an upgrade, possibly an MP. My primary interest is DXing,
but the contest bug has bitten, so I'm looking for a radio that
satisfies both avocations.

The features I'm most interested in are:

	1. quiet receiver, in conjuction with DSP, giving the ability to 	  
pull out the weak ones under all kinds of conditions
	2. smooth QSK with clean CW keying
	3. reliability

The other radio under consideration is the Omni VI+. I've read
both product reviews and combed back through 3 years of list
archives looking for opinions. If my 3 concerns are 
equally met by the 2 rigs, I'd probably go with the MP given the
sub-receiver and the 8 years of flawless service I've gotten from my

So, if you've got an opinion I'd love to hear it! I'll supply
a summary of responses to anyone interested.


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