[Yaesu] MArrying KAM to FT-920

Nate Bargmann Nate Bargmann <n0nb@networksplus.net>
Sat, 1 Jul 2000 17:46:29 -0500

This may be a silly question and perhaps ground covered before.

I am trying to marry my KAM w/Enhancement Board (ver 8.0) to
my FT-920.  Somehow this seems to be more of a fight than it
ought to be.  I have the Yaesu App note available from WM7D.Net
and efter reading it over, I think I have the radio configured
properly.  At least I can print RTTY, Pactor, and packet now.
However, are there any magic settings for the KAM.  Has anyone
found a need to adjust the MARk and SPace tone settings and
is 2125L in Menu 46 of the '920 optimal?

I'm still trying to resolve receiving and haven't yet wired
the plug to try transmitting.


73, de Nate >>

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