[Yaesu] FT-990 Back on Line

Bill Brannick WmLB@prefer.net
Wed, 19 Jul 2000 18:46:59 -0700

Just got the rig back from Yaesu Service in Cerritos.. lousy traffic, but 
what the heck.  I had many responses to my post a couple of weeks ago and I 
committed to reporting back once thing were resolved.  The symptoms as you 
may or may not remember were  a loss of all functions excepting only the 
illuminating circuit for the meter.

OK .. to summarize:

I was unable to speak with the tech that did the work but one of the guys 
on the desk interpreted his notes as follows:

The CPU had shut down. It might or might not have responded to a "hard 
reset" as described on Pg 5 of the operators manual.  I missed that one! I 
tried the reset from the front panel, but not the one accomplished by 
disconnecting the rig from it's power source and turning off the "Back Up" 
switch for a couple of minutes. This switch is accessible from the opening 
on the top panel.  It may not have worked anyway according to the tech. 
They found a fried 5V regulator on their initial visual inspection.  How 
that regulator does or does not relate to the CPU function is uncertain. 
Could have been just a random spike or a static discharge.  Main lesson 
learned .. don't forget to try the "hard reset"

So what I ended with was  1-1/2 hours labor  -$75
Parts - $3.79 ( Regulator and  a new lithium B/U battery).
And.. 10 days worth of withdrawal pains

Again.. thanks to all who responded.

Bill, W6WLB

But obviously I will not forget to try it, if this ever occurs again.

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