[Yaesu] My FT-990 Repair (Wrapup)

Bill Brannick WmLB@prefer.net
Mon, 24 Jul 2000 19:31:31 -0700

I have always commented on how things have changed since I was a tech back 
in the 50s (Navy). In those days we trouble- shot and replaced at the 
component level.  Today it done mostly at the board or sub-assembly level..

So.. I laughed a little to myself when I received a copy of the Yaesu 
invoice from last week's adventure. That little 5V regulator.. (7805) cost 
a mighty $.69...

So.. I guess there are exceptions to the rule....   The lithium battery was 
the biggie.. $3.00 .. Ha!
Of course the labor was another matter..


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