[Yaesu] Yaesu FTH-2005 VHF HT FS

Ken Simpson Ken Simpson" <W8EK@fdt.net
Sun, 1 Oct 2000 16:49:30 -0400

For Sale:

Yaesu FTH-2005 VHF HT
Although this is actually a commercial HT, it 
can also be used on 2 meters, as I am now.
It would be ideal for those of you that would like
a 2 meter HT, but would also like to use it on fire,
police, or other VHF frequencies, as it is FCC
approved for that purpose.  No need to "open up"
a 2 meter HT and use it with questionable legality.

This one includes a 12 V battery that is only a few 
months old, rubber duck, and charger, along with
copies of both the operating and service manual.

Only $150 plus shipping from Florida.



Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
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