[Yaesu] ft-51r mod for 800 mhz

Bryan Fields kb9mci@qsl.net
Wed, 21 Mar 2001 01:41:36 -0600

Hi all,

I have just received a document from a friend in Japan, that is the 
schematic and parts list for the ft 51.  The interesting thing is that this 
lists the parts that are different on the 440 MHz board between the jap 
version and all other country models of the HT.  The jap version of the radio 
has 800 MHz receive in it, but in the American version there are about 15 
parts missing off the 440 MHz board.

Many people are familiar with the easy mod the open up the radio from 60-999 
MHz, but you must be right on top of something for it to rx between 700-999 

the reason this happens, is there are switching transistors missing in the 
radio, that would switch incoming rf into a preschooler.  If the transistors 
are replaced, then the radio should receive 900 MHz with out a problem.

I will be posting a follow up if the mod works once I get the parts in the 
mail.  I also have some close up pictures of the board in the radio, that I 
will try to scan and post to the Internet, when I get a chance. 

Also let me know if you are interested in this.  I wont waste my time 
scanning and putting this up on the web if no one is interested in the mod.

73's to all,


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