[Yaesu] FT990: CAT Data Structure Info

wulf@ping.net.au wulf@ping.net.au
Sat, 26 Oct 2002 22:34:27 +0930 (CST)


I've a problem understanding the value that is returned in the
16-byte Update Data structure when in AM mode (6khz/2.4Khz bandwidth)
as described in the FT990 users manual on page 42.

The document describes the byte at offset 8 (filter) as followed:

Filter Selection
Value| IF-Filter
 0   | 2.4Khz
 1   | 2.0Khz
 2   | 500Hz
 3   | 250Hz
 4   | 6Khz (AM)     <------ ??????

bit 7 of this byte is set for FM Packet or Reverse RTTY.

According to the above, a value of 4 is returned whenever the transceiver
is in AM mode with a bandwith of 6Khz (no filter selected). The returned
packets that I receive back from my transceiver show the contrary. When in
AM mode, it returns a value of 0 for 6khz and a value of 4 for 2.4khz

Has anyone seen this and can confirm my observations? Is this a bug
in Yaesu's firmware or perhaps a misprint in the manual? 

Many thanks in advance,

73 Berndt,