[Yaesu] an antenna question

Stuart Bloom sbbloom69 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 2 12:42:36 EST 2003

A good tuner will do just that, match your antenna
system to your radio.  It won't necessarily give you
the most EFFICIENT transmission of power out of the
antenna.  It will probabably work.

What you might try, if you have the room, is to
"multi-band" your radials.  Just add an additional set
of radials cut for 1/4 of 17m and attach them with the
original set.  I have done this with my "jeep"
ex-military vertical antenna, and it seems to make a
difference.  My antenna seems to have a better
bandwidth on each of the 4 bands I use (the tuning
with the tuner is broader, less sharp, and easier to
get down to low SWR).

I read an article, can't remember where, about adding
a set of radials cut for each band you want to
transmit on and use your tuner to match the antenna to
the radio.  That's what I did on 4 bands.

Give it a try, what do you have to lose.  It may not
be perfect, and may give the antenna modeling purists
something to argue about, but if you get sucessful
QSO's then isn't it worth it?


--- KZ2G <kz2g at optonline.net> wrote:
> I'm using a Pro-Am mobile whip mounted on a wooden
> utility pool on the
> corner of my Levitt house.  It's for 30 meters.   I
> have 4 radials cut for
> it, 1/4 wave of 30 meters.  It works fine with my
> MFJ Versa Tuner on my Omni
> 6+.  But i want to remove the 30-meter Pro Am whip
> and put a 17-meter Pro Am
> whip in its place WITHOUT RECUTTING THE 4 RADIALS. 
> What's ur opinion?  Will
> i be able to tune it on 17-meters ok with the Versa
> Tuner?
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