[Yaesu] Alpha 89 QSK cable

Jerry n5pe at sbcglobal.net
Fri Apr 25 10:39:56 EDT 2003

I am sure I could find the answer to this question in the archives but I
have found no way to do a search on it.  If anyone knows how to do it
please let me know.

I just purchased a Alpha 89.  There seems to be a difference of opinion
on cabling.  The previous owner, who did not work CW, says to just hook
up the RCA cable to key the amp.  On a Alpha amps web page
www.alpha-amps.com/html/yaesu.htm they recommend using the band data
connector.   I will be using it on CW and VOX.  One of the reasons I
bought the Alpha 89 was the pin diode QSK.  Any help on this?

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