[Yaesu] FT-757 problem

George Yazzolino kc7hkp at teleport.com
Wed Dec 10 21:36:23 EST 2003

hi guys
I have a FT-757 with very low receive volume, only hear very loud stations
even local am radio stations only the very strong signals. so i took the
covers off and started probing around. when my finger got close to part #
L-03 the volume increased very much.
it looks like a light bulb, never seen any thing like it, its not a resistor
or transistor or capacitor. again it looks like a small light bulb. this is
on the very start of the receive circuit just ahead of the antenna

any ideas what i am looking at and what may be the problem with this rig. I
am just starting out trying to teach my self how to fix or destroy radios

thanks guy and happy holidays

P. George Yazzolino
14801 NE 20 Circle
Vancouver, Wa. 98684
KC7HKP, Grid  CN-85
(360) 885-0981

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