[Yaesu] Don't make the same stupid mistake

Ron Samchuk samvideo at escape.ca
Fri Dec 12 12:43:57 EST 2003

    Boy am I stupid... and I admit it.  Here's a little story to make you chuckle and perhaps say "I've been there, done that"  
    Just the other day, I couldn't figure out why my FT1000mp seemed basically dead on receive from about 0 to 3 mhz (including the broadcast band and 160 meters).  I was receiving on 80 meters, but the signals seemed weak.  I wasn't feeling too good about the situation I and was already thinking about the dilemma of repairs, etc.  I checked to see if the antenna had fallen and I even tried resetting the operating parameters of the 1000mp but no change; the low frequencies were not coming through at all.  Of course my wife made a brilliant comment like "you probably have a switch in the wrong position", (but of course XYL's just don't understand radio equipment.. hi hi)
    The story has a happy ending when I discovered that the external antenna tuner was in line and I had peaked up the system for 20 meters which meant of course that the lower frequencies were basically 'tuned out'.  I usually have the antenna tuner in the bypass position for listening and checking out a wide range of frequencies, but I forgot that it was in line peaked for 14 mhz.  Maybe I'm getting old and forgetting things... anyhow, before taking any drastic measures, remember to check that antenna tuner.  Regards from Ron VE4SR

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