[Yaesu] FIF-232C Cat cable to FT-736R pinout

Ron Goldfarb r_goldfarb at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 7 18:59:23 EDT 2003

Howdy Everyone,
I have a FIF-232C and a FT736R-  I need to make a cable to connect the two.  
I have that pinouts for both sides but they do not match as far as names go. 
  So the pins on the FIF side are
Pin 1-GND Pin 2-SO Pin 3-SI Pin 4-PTT Pin 5-AGC on the 736 side they are 
Pin1 GND Pin2 S.in Pin3 Busy
Pin4 s.Out Pin 5 NC Pin 6 13.8V.  I can guess most but thought I would get a 
second opinion.
My guess is SO goes to S.in, SI goes to SOUT Busy is PTT and 13.8 goes to 
AGC.  Any help would be appriciated so I don't fry the rig!!!!!
73 de ron kf8rd

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